New hand-held

XRF analyzer for demanding

elemental analysis - the OX-R

Oxford Instruments announces the launch of a robust X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer –  the OX-R, for highly accurate and reliable elemental analysis. The OX-R represents the 4th generation of world-renowned X-ray Fluorescence hand-held analyzers. 

Engineered for high performance and reliability, this brand new portable XRF analyzer combines patented PentaFET® detector technology offering guaranteed fast analysis and lower detection limits for all elements of interest.

Built for the most demanding quality control applications: scrap metal recycling, analysis of metals for PMI, screening for lead in toys and consumer products for RoHS compliance testing.The  OX-R also serves the needs of the mining community for ore exploration, as well as the measurement of heavy metals in soils for environmental monitoring. 

The OX-R’s major strength is the Light Element Treatment (LET) mode, enabling fast and accurate analysis of heavy elements, even when the sample contains light elements like Aluminum and Silicon. This is not possible when using fundamental parameters (FP) on an analyzer that does not detect the light elements.

This rugged and reliable tool is IP54 (NEMA 3) approved for superior dust and splash protection.  The OX-R is perfect for the harshest environments. The battery's operating time of one working day is unique and enables extended productivity without returning to base. 

The powerful user programmable software delivers highly accurate results for reliable Go/No-Go decisions. The OX-R will identify material type and automatically choose the best XRF analysis method. 

An optional bench-top stand enables hands-free operation for multi-tasking without the loss in confidence in measurement.

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