IR camera

DL700C/DL700C+ is a rugged, economical and practical IR camera, which allows to capture infrared and visual images in the field. Combing with the intelligent DALI Report software, the camera is perfect solution for all infrared inspections especially in field of Electrical industry and Metallurgy equipment detecting.

Manual focus
Full screen CCD
Store up to 2000 pictures
300,000 pixels CCD picture display
IR camera upgrading through FLASH card
40 seconds voice comments
Ergonomic, lightweight and portable


Compact design and ease operation
The IR camera is designed user friendly with compact structure and light weight. The optional connected LCD and remote controller make it easy to observe the target and shoot from different position.

New high resolution IR detector (384x288 pixels) with accurate temperature measurement
Utilizing new generation uncooled FPA microbolometer IR detector with 384x288 pixels, DL700C+ supports high thermal sensitivity of 0.08℃ accurate temperature of 2С or 2%, which efficiently reacts temperature difference.

Strong technical platform
DL700C/DL700C+ is designed with ultra powerful integrated circuits and DSP image processing system based on the advanced technology of Alter FPGA system (SOPC), ensuing its stable performance and functions.

Powerful temperature measurement modes
Up to 10 real-time movable spots and 5 real-time movable areas measurement in full screen allow users to track maximum and minimum temperature in the area automatically and make temperature analysis in any direction in the image with line profile, isotherm and histogram as well as temperature difference.

Thermal/ visual images and Laser pointer
DL700C/DL700C+ records visual images, with store, playback available as well as thermal image convertible, making your job a lot easier. And the integrated laser pointer helps you safely and quickly to locate the physical target.

Large-capacity image storage with JPEG format
DL700C/DL700C+ saves images in JPEGs format. These images, together with measurements, plus voice and/or text annotations, are stored either on a removable compact FLASH PC card (1G) or in the camera's FLASH memory (64MB). Images can easily be downloaded by USB from the camera using its report software which is provided as standard.

Strong backup analysis software
This easy-to-use report software contributes to fast, accurate evaluation of infrared inspection results, allowing you to create all your reports in Microsoft Word and an extra toolbar on your screen gives you instant access to specific functions for detailed analysis.

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